18 -June -2019 - 05:05

If you're interested in joining the guild with a character, we'll need some information first in order to get an idea of what sort of person you are, what type of character you're playing, and whether you'll both fit in with us (and whether we're the right fit for you).

So, please take the time to fill out the application form below to the best of your abilities. For sections describing your character, please write in the third-person perspective (i.e. like a narrator in a book) to avoid confusion.

It is strongly recommended that you use a word processing program when writing your responses to each section of the application form, and to keep a copy stored either on your computer or saved to a cloud storage service on the internet. It is also greatly appreciated if you could proofread your application before submission. Thanks!

After submitting an application, a copy of your application will sent to the e-mail address you have provided here. After reviewing your application, our Officers and Team Leaders will contact you with further instructions.

May the Force be with you!

Enter your avatar name exactly as it appears in game, including any spaces or special characters (á, ì, -, etc.). We need this to be able to /whisper or mail you in-game. Do not include your legacy name.
Please link an in-game screenshot of your character, clearly showing their unobstructed face. Seriously, no hats, helmets or masks.
Recommended word limit: 200-1000 words
Select any or all that apply.

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