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Medals are a means of rewarding members of the Fleet for specific outstanding achievements, where a Rank or even Position promotion is inappropriate or unavailable. There are three main categories of Medals: Bravery Awards, Service Awards, and Profession Awards. There are additionally two minor types of medal: Campaign Ribbons, and the Nova Star. The Nova Star  is used to show when a recipient of the attached commendation has had it bestowed upon them more than once.
Generally medals are recommended and awarded on a monthly basis when Command Staff officers write Personnel Evaluations for their units. They are announced alongside promotion,s and recipients are honoured during an in-game ceremony. However, medals may sometimes be awarded by officers outside of monthly recommendations when the occasion is appropriate.




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 Cross of Glory

 Hero's Cross 

 Medal of Valour

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Chancellor's Service

Silver Crescent

Mark of Dedication

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Expeditionary Medal

Flying Cross

Intelligence Star

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