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Action Working Uniform

The marine duty uniform is a flexible and lightweight uniform developed for everyday wear while on duty. It contains reinforced stitching and padding on the knees and elbows to reduce wear and tear, "wicking" properties in the shirt to help regulate the wearer's temperature, slashproof gloves to prevent cuts and minor burns and a lightweight combat vest with armour inserts and load carrying properties. The uniform also contains an integrated tourniquet system; a low cost, simple to use design that is proven to save lives.

NOTE: The combat vest is only designed to stop low powered projectiles and sharp objects. It is neither appropriate or sensible to rely on this to save your life in a combat situation.


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Marine Crew Duties Uniform [Optional]

Based on the standard issue uniform worn by most Republic military forces, the naval general duty uniform is made from lightweight flame retardant materials. The flexible and breathable fabrics allow full range of movement to ensure that general crew duties can be carried out unhindered and the excellent wicking properties allow crew to regulate their temperature whilst performing tasks aboard ship or on base. The semi-rigid shoulder board includes the crew member’s rank slide and position on the crew, enabling quick identification of personnel for crew serving on larger ships. Included in this uniform is a chest-holstered standard issue naval blaster pistol, to be carried at all times for unexpected incidents requiring small-arms use.


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Officer Working Uniform




Ceremonial Dress Uniform

An intrinsic aspect of military service is formality and ceremony, especially in a service with as rich and vast of a history as the Republic Navy. Worn only on special occasions, the Dress Uniform is one of the most distinctive uniforms utilised by the naval service. Worn at occasions of ceremonial importance or public significance, the Dress Uniform comes with tight regulations on appearance and upkeep. The Dress Uniform is the only naval branch uniform that permits all service related commendations, campaign ribbons and medals to be displayed, worn on the left breast.


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Officer Dress Uniform





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