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It is axiomatic that all Marines must exercise the highest standards of professionalism, as befits their rank and appointment, at all times to both safeguard operational effectiveness and also the Navy's reputation.

The Marine Corps’ Values and Standards demand a degree of commitment and self-sacrifice from officer and soldiers, which goes beyond that normally expected from other citizens. All officers and soldiers in the Republic Navy are required to commit themselves to achieving and maintaining these Values and Standards. This commitment is essential to the ethos of the Marine Corps and contributes directly to the maintenance of operational effectiveness. It is the duty of all commanders to ensure that these Values and Standards are accorded the highest priority, are fully explained to their soldiers, and are applied consistently. Commanders at every level must lead by example, and encourage their subordinates to live by its Values and to live up to its Standards.


On Duty

⚫ Action Working Uniform is to be worn at all times when on duty, except in combat circumstances or when aiding in crew duties. This is to be cleaned, pressed and presented to the highest standard.

⚫ Hair will be kept well groomed and cropped or tied back. Neatly groomed moustaches are acceptable but otherwise the marine will be clean shaven, with exceptions to their given race.

⚫ Appropriate respect will be shown to all ranks and visitors in all chains of command by acknowledgement of their title upon meeting, passing or leaving their presence. All Officers, (non-commissioned and commissioned officers) will be saluted, except when on deployment.

⚫ Drinking, drug misuse or sexual activity will not be tolerated under any circumstance whilst on duty.

⚫ Personnel are to remain on board, or on station at all times unless otherwise authorised. All personnel must seek clearance for special leave; failure to do so will be considered dereliction of duty. They will be immediately listed as AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) and placed on charges pending disciplinary action upon their return.


Off Duty

Marines are associated and identified with the Marine Corps in and out of uniform, and when on or off duty. Therefore, when civilian clothing is worn, Marines will ensure that their dress and personal appearance are conservative and commensurate with the high standards traditionally associated with the Marine Corps.


Religious Personnel

Although members of the Jedi order hold no official rank within the Republic Navy, they are given honorary ranks given that they have passed the same tests any other serving soldier has, thus earning themselves all the power, respect and responsibilities that come with it. As such:


⚫ All Jedi volunteers will wear the appropriate Virtus MkIIb combat armour when in a combat situations, including the helmet. Failure to do so will severely limit their combat effectiveness and will prohibit them for taking part in many of the operational theatres that the marines are involved in, thus failing in their duties as marine volunteers. The result of such being expulsion from the service and a review being submitted to the Jedi order by the Commanding Officer.

⚫ Should they wish to exercise their right not wear the marine uniform, their personal robes will be maintained to as equally a high standard as other marine personnel.

⚫ Within reason, are allowed to adorn their issue armour with religious items or attach robes to the suit. If in any doubt as to the suitability of such adornment, raise the matter with your Commanding Officer.

⚫ Are subject to all republic military and civil laws.

⚫ Are entitled to apply for special leave when required by the Jedi Order.

⚫ Are entitled to a Jedi Counsellor, and religious study time when off duty.

⚫ Are entitled to the ‘Right of Refusal’ under the Republic Navy Core Regulations.



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