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The Fleet Manual is the repository for all information about how FEF functions as a guild, both In-Character (IC) and Out-of-Character (OOC).  It explains what we do in The Old Republic, and how we go about doing it, as well as the standards we hold ourselves to.  Reading and understanding this information is required for all current or prospective guild members.  "I didn't read the manual," is not a valid excuse for a member not being aware of a guild rule!


The First Expeditionary Fleet is a Roleplaying Guild based on the Darth Malgus EU server of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We aim to portray characters representing the crew and personnel stationed aboard the Valor-class cruiser RSS Empress Teta - a lone Republic ship with a special task - following the Zakuulan occupation and ongoing proxy war with the Sith Empire.

These characters may come from many different walks of life, and contribute to the war effort aboard the Empress Teta in different ways.  Aside from the officers, engineers, doctors and starfighter pilots of the Republic Navy who run the ship, there are soldiers from the Republic Marine Expeditionary Unit carried aboard the vessel to safeguard its security and deploy to battlezones, and operatives from the Office of Naval Intelligence who provide information and work covertly to help the Republic's war effort.  All of them live together and fight together.


Our primary focus as a guild is roleplaying: as well as offering planned RP events and plots to our members, we encourage continuous casual roleplaying aboard our guild flagship, depicting the day-to-day lives of our characters aboard as her crew.  In this fashion we hope that between our members we can create a vibrant and real feel to life aboard a Valor-class cruiser.


Aside from roleplaying, we do embrace the other activities offered in the game, encouraging and aiding our members to explore end-game PvE and PvP content.  After all, everybody needs a break from RPing, and there's no better way than doing Hardmode Flashpoints, Warzones or even Operations together!


We hope that everybody who joins us with a character, or interacts with us, has a fun experience in which they feel immersed into the universe of Star Wars and the conflict at the heart of The Old Republic!

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