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Crew Combat Armour

With the inherent risks of military service and the growing number of cross-service and multi-branch operations being conducted by Republic military forces, the Senate Military Appropriations Committee recently approved a request from the Admiralty to equip all Republic Naval vessels with personal combat armour for crew engaging in military operations on the ground and in space. With an aim to design and manufacture personal protective armour with the equivalent properties of the Army’s advanced assault armour and the Marine Corp’s Virtus MKIIb assault armour, the final product, Crew Combat Armour, was born.

Offering most of the same protective qualities, it is significantly lighter, moving with the body more easily and producing a slimmer profile. Relying on the titanium skinsuit technology utilised in existing military assault armour, the armour comes in a range of standard sizes and any significant sizing issues are compensated for by the skinsuit. The reinforced titanium armour is fully pressurised to allow the conduct of operations in space and underwater. One of the new features of the Crew Combat Armour is the innovative modular attachment system, allowing for additional carry pouches and packs to be added to the armour with relative ease thus enabling Naval personnel to carry specialised equipment when required.


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Flight Suit

Recognisable from a whole host of popular holomovies, the flight suit is worn by the skilled pilots of the Republic Navy’s Starfighter Corps. Generally regarded as one of the most complex sets of equipment in Republic military service, the flight suit, also known as a ‘bag’ in pilot slang, is a remarkable feat of engineering. Designed to protect the pilot from the vacuum of open space in the event of a forced ejection, the flight suit also contains a series of bags in the leggings that allow pilots to conduct high G-force turns, by inflating and preventing blood being forced to the pilot’s head. The suits are also designed to be highly durable, featuring an armoured vest that has saved the lives of many pilots who have suffered cockpit damage. The suit itself is made from armorweave, capable of reducing the damage from a glancing hit from starfighter weaponry. To aid in the recovery of downed pilots, and for safety whilst on hangar decks, the flight suit is brightly coloured, usually orange.

A standard element of the flight suit is the helmet, and whilst there are a wide range of styles in current military usage, it’s popular for many pilots to customise their helmets to add a flair of individuality and style.


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Engineering Overalls [Optional]

This highly durable flame retardant overall set is an optional uniform specifically designed for engineers operating on Republic naval vessels. The heavy duty duraweave coverall incorporates plasteel microwave in reinforced knee and elbow areas, to ensure resilience and comfort during repair work. The bright colouring and the incorporation of reflective strips enable crew to be highly visible whilst performing work on bustling hangar decks or in darkened engineering sections. Featuring multiple tool and utility pockets, hammer loops and reinforced fastenings, the engineering overalls are designed to be as functional and protective as possible in the vigourous environments they’re worn in. The addition of the heavy duty chest harness provides further storage space in the form of multiple pouches and tool hooks, and the innovative mag-clamps on the back of the harness enables standard issue naval tool kits to be carried with ease.


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